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Morris County Golf Club
About Us

About Us

The Morris County Golf Club, founded in 1894 and located in Morristown, New Jersey, is a private, members-only club dedicated to the spirit of great sportsmanship, lifelong friendships and friendly competition. The Club's challenging and beautiful Seth Raynor-designed course, set on 150 acres, is its crown jewel, but world-class racquet sports, swimming, social events and fine dining are also part of the MCGC experience.

The Club and facilities are for member usage only and is not open to the public.  If you are interested in membership, please contact Annie, our Membership Director, for more information.    

The Club was unique from its very beginning; planned, organized, and operated by women. This was remarkable considering the era, a period when women were presumed decorous rather than determined. The Club's founding "mothers," a term used here in respect and appreciation, proved more than able for the task they had set.

Morris County was an early member (1895) of the United States Golf Association and the first New Jersey venue to host a national championship. Some fabled names in the sport have been associated with the Club: Harry Vardon, Ted Ray, the immortal Bobby Jones, Chick Evans, Walter Kozak, Elaine and Louis Gillespie, and Billy Dear, to name a few.

Golf, always the club's premier sport, has been complemented through the years by various other activities: tennis, swimming and paddle tennis come to mind.

If a single word can describe the Club's first century, then "determination" is an apt choice. Morris County Golf Club has endured repeated disasters: two fires in 1903 and 1915 leveled earlier clubhouses, both world wars and the Depression of the 1930's reduced membership, and heavy debt had to be retired more than once. Yet the club has prevailed.

The reason for this longevity is not the club's physical assets, which have evolved and altered with time, but rather what Morris County Golf Club represents. The members of a century ago sought to create an atmosphere of civility and an ambiance where friendship and sportsmanship were to be held in esteem. Their success is our legacy. Much is different, but the club's founding spirit remains unchanged, and the determination of our current members is as strong as ever--the determination to maintain the rich traditions that are the hallmark of the Morris County Golf Club.